Configuring a default fill factor for all new indexes in SQL Server

SQL Server uses a fill factor setting to determine how full it will make an index's pages when you create a new index. If your index is on a table that you make frequent changes to the data on, using a lower fill factor can improve SQL Server's performance. This is because SQL Server will not have to split the index pages as frequently when you add new data. You can set the fill factor each time you create a new index. You can also specify a default fill factor setting on your server. SQL Server will use this value each time you create a new index.

To set your server's default fill factor, begin by running SQL Server Enterprise Manager. In the console tree, right-click on your server. From the shortcut menu, choose Properties. Select the Database Settings tab. Change the fill factor by choosing Fixed Below Settings, then specify the fill factor percentage by using the slider bar.

Source: Rozanne Whalen
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