Frequently Asked Questions

  • No deep linking. Please enter the main site URL. In other words, don't list your site 5-10 times with a separate listing to each page.
  • We don't accept submissions to free website builders such as wix, weebly,, blogger, blogspot etc. Because they are free, these sites tend to go dead or inactive within a short amount of time.
  • No site listings under multiple domain names
  • No sites that consist of Affiliate, banner, or advertising ONLY
  • Do not submit incomplete or "Under Construction" web sites.
  • Do not use URL shorteners in order to submit multiple similar links.
  • No Facebook posts, twitter, pinterest, youTube videos etc...
  • No link titles or descriptions that consists of only keywords, keywords, keywords. Say what your site's purpose is.
  • No links to escorts, anything pornographic, or in extremely bad taste.
  • No URL's which redirect users to other web sites or pages.
  • Use a valid email address. Why waste your time entering link information if you won't get the email to verify your link?
  • Place your site in the most fitting category. If you want to be in multiple categories please let us know
  • Give good condensed titles and descriptions
  • Don't put any links here that you wouldn't want your mother or little sister to see
  • We reserve the right to modify your submission to fit our guidelines.
  • If your submission violates the guidelines, it may not be approved.
You are responsible for any links you enter. Blatant abuse of our guidelines or e-mail verification could cause you to be blacklisted and all previous links removed from the directory.

We run link validation software that checks our database every 2 weeks. If your URL returns an unsuccessful HTTP request code it will be placed in the queue to be checked manually. If it fails a manual test it will be deleted without further notice.

Make sure you verify your link through the email you're sent. All unverified links are automatically deleted after 3 days.

The link you submit will go in the queue for content review before we can approve it. Links are reviewed on a first-in, first-out basis. gets 100's of links submitted every day and it has become hard to keep up with approvals. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months before your free site submission is approved depending on the number of links yet to be checked that were submitted before yours.

While the Basic URL Submission gets you into the link index for free, your URL may have 100's if not 1000's of links that are in the queue to be approved before yours. An affordable way to make sure you get moved to the head of the line is to use our 12-hour approval process after you submit your link. If your submission doesn't meet our guidelines you will receive a full refund. Guaranteed approval within 12 hours or your money back!

After submitting your link you will have the option of making it an Enhanced Link. Having an enhanced link gives you special placement on in 2 ways. The first is on the topic page where 15 Enhanced Links are listed randomly from that area on each page load. This gives every Enhanced Link owner an equal opportunity to be included on the topic page.
Topic Enhanced Link Example

Not only that, but your Enhanced Link shows at the top of the category listing pages with a bold title with newest links first. In the example below the top 2 links are Enhanced Links and will always be at the top of the listings.

Category Enhanced Link Example
Includes Accelerated 12hr Approval!

Those are additional options after submitting your link. When you submit your link the results page will give you the opportunity to upgrade to 12-hour Approval or an Enhanced Link. You'll also get an email after submission containing links for upgrading.

We try to not have dead links on When we ran our link checking software your web site came back with an unsuccessful HTTP request code error. We then checked your web site manually and it wasn't up or was in maintenance mode.

There could be many reasons but the most common; our guidelines specifically say "Please enter the main site URL. In other words, don't list your site 5-10 times with a separate listing to each page."

We don't accept submissions to multiple pages of the same domain. Doing that could have your submissions deleted, or in the worst case, banned.

We don't accept submissions to free website builders such as wix, weebly,, blogger, blogspot etc. Because they are free, these sites tend to be abandoned or inactive within a short amount of time.

Any questions, read the first FAQ "Link Submission Guidelines".

Free or 12-hour Approval
Links are permanent. If links return an error by our link checking software they are flagged for a manual check. If links fail the manual check they are deleted.

Enhanced Link
Enhanced Links are for 1 year. A renewal email will be sent about 5 days before it expires. If the Enhanced Link is renewed it goes to the top of the list again. If not renewed it will revert to a standard link which is the same as a free link and is permanent.

After your submission you will be sent an email containing a link to verify it. This page also allows you to edit and save changes to your submission. The only change you can't make is to the URL. If you want changes to the URL you will need to contact us using the "contact us" link on that page. Bookmark the page or save the email to make future changes.