Delete Your Link on

Ok, for whatever reason you want to take your link out of our database. We will ALWAYS honor your request as long as we can verify it.

Here are the steps to take:

  • Do a search to make sure your web site URL is even here.
  • Type your link below. If it's a redirect or you're not exactly sure how it's listed you can use the search to find it. Place your mouse over the title link, then right-click and copy the link.
  • Come back to this page and enter your information below

I'm not going to just delete a link because you say it's your web site. Either the email address you enter must match what was used when the link was submitted OR the email address you enter below must have the domain name in it.

Example: you want me to delete and the email address doesn't match our records, your email should be ''.

You will receive an email from us to verify the link to be deleted. Use that to verify ownership of the link you said is on We have found that many times it isn't even in our database, that's why we ask that you do a search first.

Verify ownership by clicking the link in the email you are sent. If not verified, it won't be deleted!

Give us about 24-hrs to delete your link. If the link/domain -and- the email you entered don't match in our database it won't be deleted. If the link is deleted you will receive notification. Otherwise, it's up to you to check back, do a search, and verify your link isn't in our database any longer.

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