NetGear RT314 Gateway Router

After upgrading the firmware on my router I had many problems getting out onto the Internet. Since the problem was intermittent I figured it was a cable problem. I had the cable company come out a few times before I realized the router was at fault. I remembered I had updated the firmware so I figured I'd just go back to an older version that worked - mistake.

When I uploaded the old version, the router rebooted and then I was toast. My network still worked but now I couldn't get on the Internat at all. I turned the router off and on multiple times. I attempted to telnet and http to the router and it only gave the message "Connecting to" until about 20 seconds later the dos window just closed.
I tried getting in using a serial cable and only got garbage on the screen regardless of which emulation I tried.

Sending an email to NetGear was a waste of time. I sent it on Saturday, another one on Monday and still no response. So, I called their 888 number and finally got someone to help me.

The problem I was having was because when I tried to use HyperTerminal the settings were wrong. The manual only says to use a serial connection, not what the settings should be or how to do it.

Here are the steps for using a serial cable to access the router.

Open Hyperterminal
Just type anything where it asks for a name
Select COM1 or COM2 (whichever you have the cable on)
On the properties screen click the "Restore Defaults" screen and 'OK'
As soon as the router says to press any key to enter "Debug Mode" hit a key
Type "ATUR" [enter]
Click "Transfer" in the Menubar
Click "Send File" in the dropdown list
Browse to your .bin firmware file
select XModem as your transfer protocol
Click "Send"

This will take about 20 minutes or so to upload the firmware. After its done, power off the router and repeat the steps above. Instead of typing "ATUR" as you did earlier you will type "ATUR3" and upload the ROM file.

That should do it.

Source: Chuck Dearbeck
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