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Turn Off Automated Time and Date Stamp Updating

If you're using New Technology File System (NTFS), there's a way to speed up your hard disk. Whenever you view a directory on an NTFS volume, the file system updates the date and time stamp to show the last time the directory was accessed. This constant updating can slow system performance, particularly if you tend to access many directories during a typical workday. To turn it off:

1. Open the Registry Editor by typing regedit at a command prompt or the Run box.

2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\ Control\Filesystem

3. Look for NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate. If it isn't there, create it: Choose Edit --> New --> DWORD Value, type:


into the box, and click OK.

4. Set its value to 1 by double-clicking it and typing 1 in the Value data box that appears. Click OK.

5. Exit the Registry.

Source: PC World

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